The SEACRET™ brand was developed and shaped with the strong desire to bring the beneficial elements of the Dead Sea and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers to people all over the world. These therapeutic benefits and healing powers have been revered since ancient times by the Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra and the Romans around 50 BC. Along with the development of a unique line of cosmetic products producing positive, real effects and visible results that improve the vitality of skin, SEACRET™ has built a successful brand and provided outstanding services. In less than three years SEACRET™ has become a leader in the Dead Sea Cosmetic Industry with over 600 points of sales worldwide. In addition to high-end, quality products, much of SEACRET’s success is greatly possible thanks to its incredible and dedicated Employees, Managers and Business Partners, working zealously for the success of the brand all over the world


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